Hippie Death Cult  is  Ryan Moore  - Drums,  Ben Jackson  - Vocals/Keys,  Eddie Brnabic  - Guitar,  Laura Phillips  - Bass


After several years of cultivating a disciplined focus on certain spiritual practices as his sole vehicle to reach altered states and source higher levels of inspiration; an experience involving guitarist Eddie Brnabic’s re-acquaintance with a certain mildly psychedelic drug in 2015, turned out to serve as a key catalyst in sparking the birth of Hippie Death Cult. “A thousand riffs came pouring out of me in what seemed like an instant. All sounding like they belonged on the same album together” he describes. As a seeming endless treasure chest of focused and interconnected musical ideas had suddenly surfaced, setting the stage for a new musical project to emerge in the wake. 

 Working in tandem with the directional force guiding him, Eddie then recorded a series of instrumental demos and set out to form a band. This venture did not prove to be an easy one. In fact it took several years of searching to find the right people to form a band with the substance and integrity he had envisioned. In late 2017, when one of the band’s earlier incarnations had fallen apart, Eddie found himself at the brink of giving up on the whole idea. 

At this time, much to his surprise; his partner Laura Phillips intervened and confidently learned all of the existing songs, came up with bass parts and expressed her interest in being a part of the band. Though it had been several years since she had been a part of the Portland music scene that she had once cut her teeth in, she felt newly inspired that it was time for her return. She would later cement her role in the band during the subsequent events. Laura had also suggested Eddie check out drummer Ryan Moore, whom she had previously played in bands and toured with years earlier. Shortly thereafter, a fateful incident provided a chance meeting between the 3. Eddie, now more aware of Ryan’s abilities and status as one of the Portland music scene’s most sought after drummers, invited Ryan to jam. Met with Ryan’s only concern and reply, “can I play double bass?” To which Eddie heartily affirmed, “of course!” As it turned out, Ryan’s insanely over the top and uniquely original style of drumming paired with Eddie’s virtuosic and soulful guitar stylings, backed by the thunderous sound of Laura’s bass attack had provided a winning chemistry that was instantly apparent once the 3 of them got together in a room. 

The planets had started to align, and with a rock solid backbone in place the band set out to find a vocalist. After a few months of fruitless and hopeless attempts, in early 2018 a glimmer of light appeared when the band received promising response to a Craigslist ad they had placed. Also a veteran of the Portland music scene, vocalist and keyboardist Ben Jackson joined forces with the ensemble seamlessly, providing a strong wealth of relevant and intelligent lyrical ideas, as well as fluid vocal melodies that complimented and enhanced the foundational force in a natural and stellar way. 


It was infinitely clear that some magic was going down between the 4 members and their unique sound together was quickly starting to take shape. Within a short span of a few months the band found themselves recording material and playing their first string of local shows in the Pacific Northwest Stoner Rock and Doom scene with bands like Mos Generator, Ape Machine, and Holy Grove.


Seeing immediate results of their hard work and experience coupled with the seeming help of an unseen force guiding the band, they have quickly amassed a buzzing local and worldwide fan base that is growing in numbers every day. The band has released 3 singles that have gotten attention from several record labels, spots on Gimmie Radio, as well as airplay on many other notable podcasts and playlists globally. They’ve managed to maintain a strong selling merchandise collection, and also secured an independent record deal to release their first LP, all before reaching their one year anniversary. Plans are currently being made for the announcements of their label signing, release of their debut album, and subsequent tour in 2019. 


"Every so often something gets me really charged.  I'm telling you guys, this is becoming more and more a rarity for me.

Not a lot triggers that excitement of new discovery anymore.  I'm getting old 'n' jaded. Nevertheless, the power of the Riff prevails!  Introducing my favorite new find: HIPPIE DEATH CULT from Portland, Oregon. Hippie Death Cult is one of the freshest, most vibrant bands to come out of Portland in quite some while."


Give ear... -BillyGoat (Doomed & Stoned)



"I don’t typically add just flat out singles to my collection, but Hippie Death Cult have something special about to go down in the heavy scene. They have 3 singles out there and some trippy youtube videos of those songs that indicate their upcoming debut full length just may be something to be anticipating. I know I can’t wait to hear more, take a listen, I think you’ll agree. Portland, Oregon strikes again."


-Bucky Brown (Ripple Music/Doom Charts)


B-b-b-blown away. This here is utmost fire! I'm ready for life-long membership of the Hippie Death Cult, where do I sign up??

-Niels Bartholdy (Cursed Tongue Records)

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