Emerging in the midst of a vast sea of formulaic Stoner and Doom Metal bands, Hippie Death Cult stands out from the pack through a unique and  combination of influential forces, virtuosic performance, and compelling originality.

Origin:  Portland, Oregon

Genres:  Rock N' Roll, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock

Years Active:  2018- Present

Label:  Cursed Tongue Records

Website: hippiedeathcultband.com

Social:  InstagramFacebookBandcamp

Eddie Brnabic : Guitar
Laura Phillips : Bass
Ryan Moore : Drums
Ben Jackson : Vocals/Keys
Portland, Oregon's "Hippie Death Cult" and their unique brand of heavy rock n' roll have managed to ignite a noteworthy buzz in the worldwide heavy music community since their inception in early 2018. They have performed alongside some of the Pacific Northwest's hottest acts and have amassed a diverse and loyal fan base that spans the globe. The band has signed with Cursed Tongue Records out of Denmark who released their debut album "111", which topped the Doom Charts at #1. The band is currently touring in support of their recent release and working on new material. 
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Label: Cursed Tongue Records, 

Niels Bartholdy:


All PR, Management, and Booking inquiries :

Email : hippiedeathcultband@gmail.com

Phone : 323-206-2932 / 503-267-4593



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“A flawless debut album you have to dive into! Album of the year? I think so!!!”

~Marc-Eric Gagnon (Doom Charts/Stonefly Effects)


It would be reductive to call Hippie Death Cult practitioners of Sabbath Worship. Or, maybe I’m getting it twisted: Hippie Death Cult may be the only true Sabbath Worshippers in my book.

~Taylor Waring (Riff Relevant) 


This is Modern Heavy Rock music of the very Highest Order that just has enough of that nostalgic feel to be familiar. A Triumph!

- Reek of STOOM


“111 is the sort of statement that I think many bands wish they could unleash as an opening salvo”

~Matt Bacon (Dropout Media)


“Hippie Death Cult should be mightily proud of this release. As 111 is a richly rewarding and deeply engaging album that becomes better with each subsequent listen.”

~Steve Howe (Outlaws Of The Sun)


“These are simply just well-crafted songs played by excellent musicians. 111 is an album where everything just falls perfectly into place. This is highly addictive and a contester of the album of the year.”

~Orange Maze​

"Every so often something gets me really charged.  I'm telling you guys, this is becoming more and more a rarity for me. Not a lot triggers that excitement of new discovery anymore.  I'm getting old 'n' jaded. Nevertheless, the power of the Riff prevails!  Introducing my favorite new find: HIPPIE DEATH CULT from Portland, Oregon. Hippie Death Cult is one of the freshest, most vibrant bands to come out of Portland in quite some while. Give ear... "

-BillyGoat (Doomed & Stoned)

"I don’t typically add just flat out singles to my collection, but Hippie Death Cult have something special about to go down in the heavy scene. They have 3 singles out there and some trippy youtube videos of those songs that indicate their upcoming debut full length just may be something to be anticipating. I know I can’t wait to hear more, take a listen, I think you’ll agree. Portland, Oregon strikes again."

 -Bucky Brown (Ripple Music/Doom Charts)


"B-b-b-blown away. This here is utmost fire! I'm ready for life-long membership of the Hippie Death Cult, where do I sign up??"

​-Niels Bartholdy (Cursed Tongue Records)


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